Avoid sweating on your bike on the way to work

Many brave the winter weather and boldly cycle to and from work. But some refrain from cycling because they do not like to turn up at work sweaty . The thought of sweat stains on clothes the smell of sweat may be enough to deter many people from cycling to work. Are you one of them?

Here are some great tips and tricks to avoid sweating on the bike ride.

Here are some tips to help you sweat less on your bike:

  1. Do not dress too warm. You should not be afraid of freezing on the trip, as the body quickly builds up heat during physical activity. The body temperature is usually 37ºdegrees at rest, but will quickly rise to 38º as the body works best at this temperature and therefore naturally warms itself.
  2. Think about your clothes. If you are wearing non-breathable clothing, the clothing encapsulates the excess heat and lays the foundation stones for a sweat bath. Therefore, choose clothes made from breathable material. To prevent the excess heat from getting inside, it is also a good idea if the clothes can be opened at the neck and hands, and on the legs.
  3. Throw the backpack into the basket. Keep the bag away from your back and down on the luggage rack or in the bike basket. A backpack or shoulder bag helps to block the air flow over large areas around the shoulders and back.
  4. Enjoy the last leg of the journey. In the last five minutes of the bike ride, you should slow down so that your body has the opportunity to relax and cool down. The body can thereby get rid of the excess heat and return to 37º.
  5. If you find that you sweat a lot under your arms, you can buy an antiperspirant that protect you safely against sweat and sweat odour. Perspirex antiperspirants keep you dry under your arms for up to 5 days with just a single application. You can buy the products in Matas and at pharmacies throughout Denmark.

Happy cycling!

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