Avoid sweating problems in your teens

Puberty can be an unusual period for many young people. It is during these years that most change happens in the body. You grow both taller and wider. Girls get hips and more female shapes, while boys grow wider and acquire more muscle. Many teenagers find all of these adult changes in the body embarrassing, and feel like staying home away from social activities. But that does not have to be the case. Here are some tips to help you get through puberty.

In girls, puberty begins between the ages of 11 and 16. The female hormone, oestrogen increases in girls who menstruate now and grow breasts. Fluctuations in mood and emotions can also occur.

Boys’ puberty begins a little later between the ages of 13 and 16. Testosterone increases in boys who now become men. This can lead to increased aggression, greater risk-taking and overreactions in situations that would not normally occur before. Boys’ voices also change and can at times become shrill and high pitched.

Common to both of your sexes is that hair growth under the arms increases and so does sweat production. As a teenager, you may find that your sweat smells a little different and you may also sweat more than you usually do. But do not despair. Most friends around you are going through the same thing, and help is available! Your puberty does not have to be embarrassing or annoying. Here is some good advice that can make the years a little easier.

  1. Take a shower every day to stay clean and avoid smelling of sweat
  2. You can wear shirts/ blouses and tops that sit loosely under your arms, if you find that large stains are appearing on your clothes as a result of sweat. Avoid the colour grey as much as possible, as sweat is very visible in that colour.
  3. Invest in an antiperspirant such as Perspirex Comfort. It helps combat sweat odour for 3-5 days. Your mother or father can buy it for you at your nearest Matas, selected pharmacies or here.

Bear in mind that increased sweating and odour are completely normal reactions to changes in the body. As a rule, it gets better by itself as you get older and the hormones calm down a bit.

By the way, remember to enjoy your teenage years too. They only happen once!

Source: Sundhed.dk

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