Dermatologist: Achieve the best effect with Perspirex

The bike ride to and from work, busyness at work, nervousness before a date or a major gala dinner. Yes, there are many situations where the possibility of sweating more than usual and embarrassing stains under the arms can arise.

Perspirex is for people who want extra protection against sweat and sweat odour. Read this blog post, in which a dermatologist, Annesofie Faurschou, talks about Perspirex and how to achieve the best effect with the products.

Annesofie Faurschou, a dermatologist, explains:

“To get the best out of Perspirex’s properties, apply the antiperspirant on dry, undamaged skin in the evening before bedtime. Apply only a small amount of Perspirex – 2 strokes up and 2 strokes down – in the area where hair grows. The sweat glands are least active at night, and the antiperspirant can penetrate more deeply into the sweat channels. Wash Perspirex off in the morning with soap and water. Perspirex contains aluminium chloride, the active ingredient that develops the durable gel plugs that reduce sweating.”

You have probably heard of aluminium chloride how it can irritate the skin. To minimise this irritation, our two versions, Perspirex Original and Perspirex Comfort, were developed with a Skin Care System. The active Skin Care System is a technology that helps balance the pH value of the skin, thus reducing skin irritation. For this very reason, many users find Perspirex skin-friendly, unlike other effective antiperspirants.

Annesofie Faurschou continues: “Only use Perspirex 48 hours after shaving, waxing or using an epilator. During hair removal, the skin is damaged and makes the area extra vulnerable, which increases the risk of skin irritation. Therefore, always wait 48 hours to use Perspirex after hair removal.

Sometimes, however, the skin may become irritated by the use of Perspirex. If you experience this, we advise you to stop using Perspirex immediately. To avoid possible skin irritation when using Perspirex, it is important to apply it correctly as described above. Also read the leaflet that accompanies the product to get the best out of Perspirex.”

You can read more about Perspirex here and buy the products here.

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