How to avoid smelling of sweat

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One in three Danes feels that they sweat or smell of sweat every week, and that it feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile, more than one in two is afraid of smelling of sweat1). So, even though it is a fairly common problem, we are still afraid that others will notice it. Smelling of sweat is regarded as embarrassing.

Although sweat itself has a neutral odour, we often associate it with an unpleasant odour. The smell is due to the fact that the bacteria found naturally on the skin break down the substances in sweat. It is this process that emits the unpleasant odour. Sweat odour usually comes from places where sweat cannot easily evaporate.

Water and soap If you feel that you may smell, it is important to wash off the bacteria every day, preferably both in the morning and at night with a mild, suitable antiseptic soap. Remove the hairs in your armpits may also be a good idea, since hair also retains moisture and bacteria.

Clothes No matter how clean and hygienic you are, the clothes you wear may still contain residual sweat bacteria. The odour molecules in our clothes are not water soluble and sweat odour cannot be cleaned off. When we wash clothes with ordinary detergent and washing powder, the old odours are simply encapsulated – they do not disappear. When your body then warms up the clothes again, the capsules ‘burst’ and the unpleasant odour returns. As a result, your clothes do not feel fresh and comfortable. You can find different clothing care products that remove odour by Googling >> how do I remove sweat odour from fabrics <<.

It is a good idea to avoid blouses made from synthetic materials. Instead choose clothes made from natural materials such as cotton, wool and silk. They are better at ventilating and absorbing sweat.

Deodorant or antiperspirant Many deodorants are bactericidal – but the effect is short-lived and if a deodorant contains fragrance, it simply masks the bad smell temporarily. If your regular deodorant is not enough to keep you fresh and odourless all day, try an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants hamper sweat (sweat odour, moisture and sweat stains) and prevent it from reaching the surface of the skin by forming a ‘gel plug’ in the sweat glands. Depending on the effectiveness of the antiperspirant, the effect lasts from a few hours up to several days. If you choose a fragrance-free antiperspirant, you can easily use your regular perfume and/or deodorant with it.

Effective Try an effective antiperspirant such as Perspirex. Using it is very effective even special – you must follow the enclosed leaflet to achieve the best effect. Perspirex reduces sweating and sweat odour for up to 5 days, so you only need to use it a few times a week Also when you wash and use your usual perfume and/or deodorant.

Blocking the sweat glands in a small area (e.g. under the arms) is not dangerous for the body’s heat regulation, since you just sweat marginally more elsewhere.

1) Consumer survey of 1,132 Danes, conducted in 2014 by Kompas Kommunikation

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