How to avoid the smell of sweat in your clothes

If your favourite clothes, sportswear etc. do not get really clean and smell of sweat after wearing them for a short period of time, there are clothing care products to soften the fabric and effectively remove sweat odour from all fabrics and clothes.

The odour molecules in our clothes are not water soluble and sweat odour cannot be cleaned off. When we wash clothes with ordinary detergent and washing powder, the old odours are simply encapsulated – they do not disappear. When your body then warms up the clothes again, the capsules ‘burst’ and the unpleasant odour returns. As a result, your clothes do not feel fresh and comfortable. You can find different clothing care products that remove odour by Googling >> how do I remove sweat odour from fabrics <<.

If you sweat a lot, choose clothes made from natural materials such as cotton, which are better at absorbing sweat. Otherwise, it is also a good idea to avoid blouses in bright colours, where you can clearly see if you are sweating under your arms.

Use antiperspirant If your regular deodorant is not enough, try Perspirex Antiperspirant. It provides you with extra protection for up to five days. What’s more, it does not smell of anything, so you can easily use your regular perfume and deodorant without impacting the effect.

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