Summer Duvet – Rejoice!

You get a better sleep with the right duvet – a warm one in the winter and a cool, light one in the summer. A good night’s sleep is the be-all-and-all when it comes to concentration and well-being.

Sleep has a huge impact on your mood and your energy in everyday life. You spend about a third of your life sleeping. It should provide you with new energy and resilience for the following day. If you get a good night’s sleep with the right temperature, sleep has a healing, preventive and restorative effect on your body.

Many people sleep with the same duvet all year round, but you get a more comfortable sleep by sleeping with the right duvet. So, a good piece of advice is to change the duvet as the temperature outside changes – a warm duvet for cold winter nights and a cool duvet for warm summer nights.

Duvet shops offer a wide range of summer duvets with different types of fillings. Whether a summer duvet is filled with fibre, down, feathers or silk is a matter of taste – all qualities of filling make your summer duvet feel light and comfy.

PS: Remember that your duvet always benefits from being washed a few times a year and frequent airing. But be careful not to air the duvet in direct sunlight, as this will destroy the down’s natural layer of lanolin and it will lose its elasticity.

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