Sweating gives teenagers self-esteem issues

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Adolescence, is probably one of the hardest stages in a person’s life.

During this time, countless changes occur in our body and our hormones get the better of us. It is often really hard. Boys will notice their voices breaking and hair growing on their bodies, and there are physical reactions that drive them totally crazy. Girls get their first period. They develop female curves and so many new things happen that are hard to relate to.

Sweat is one of the many new things that impact teenagers’ bodies .The sweat often causes major discomfort. It is unpleasant and they have to take a shower every day, which is also something new. Sweat gives them clammy hands, sticky hair and a fear of smelling and looking untidy.

It is clear that, in addition to the bodily changes we already experience in adolescence, uncontrollable sweat and sweat odour are not something to be welcomed. It can easily destroy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Two routines to remedy the problem

  • Wash thoroughly (mainly under the arms) with water and a mild soap every day.
  • Use an antiperspirant. When used correctly, it can remove both the problem and the odour of sweat. By simply applying a good antiperspirant every 2 to 5 days, they can control both the sweat and the smell. That sounds rather good, doesn’t it?

Do not hesitate to use antiperspirant in adolescence. It can save young people a lot of worries. Antiperspirants are available in several versions for under the arms and lotions for the hands and feet.

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