Take an exam without sweaty palms

Maybe you’re nervous about your first academic exam – maybe you’re nervous even though it’s your tenth. Exam anxiety affects the majority of students to some degree. In fact every other person has sweat trickling down their foreheads, armpits and palms when they sit down to take an exam [1].

Stop throughout the night

It can be tempting to get the last revision in the night before the exam, but you can easily end up falling asleep over your books at 2.00 am. However, you are doing yourself a disservice by filling your head with paragraphs and examples rather than waking up with a clear head.

Eat a decent breakfast

Your appetite may not be so great on the day of the exam itself, and you may want to replace porridge with coffee. However, it pays to nip a rumbling stomach in the bud by preparing the body with good energy.

Use a good antiperspirant

Nip the panic perspiration in advance with a good antiperspirant. Perspirex antiperspirants provide you with safe protection against sweat and odour. A single application the night before your exam can keep you dry.

Perspirex antiperspirants were developed for both women and men and have a neutral scent, so you can always use your favourite scent or deodorant on top. Buy Perspirex antiperspirants in Matas or at your pharmacy [link to Matas webshop].

Choose the right clothes

If you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, you will automatically radiate more confidence. It is a good idea not to wear grey, which makes sweat very visible, and if you are prone to sweat stains choose a blouse/shirt that sits loosely under the arms.

Radiate confidence

If you radiate confidence and calm when you enter the room, you will already have made a good first impression. Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake (clean of sweat). If your hands are shaking from nerves, keep them under the table until you have talked and made yourself more comfortable.

Good luck!


[1] Survey conducted by Perspirex among 1,049 Danes between the ages of 18-29. 56% answered that they sweat more than they usually do in an exam situation.


Perspirex study of sweat: https://newsbreak.dk/halvdelen-sveder-naar-sidder-ved-eksamensbordet/

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