Three easy tips for getting rid of smelly summer feet

Summer is just around the corner. Time to take off your socks and slip into your summer shoes. But if you are one of the many Danes who suffer from sweaty feet – especially in the summer – the sock-free months can mean discomfort caused by sweat and odour.

Having sweaty feet is very normal, and fortunately there are a number of good tips to get rid of the discomfort. Even if your feet sweat, it does not mean that they start to smell. Sweat is basically odourless, but when it comes in contact with the bacteria on the skin, the result is sweat odour. But if you just have sweaty feet that do not smell, you can also read on and get rid of sweaty feet.

Here are a few tips to avoid smelly feet:

– Get yourself some sweat-absorbent soles. There are special soles that you can put in your shoes to keep your feet dry.

– Do not wear the same shoes two days in a row, as they will not have time to dry.

 – Make sure you have shoes with you during the day to change into.

– You can also buy an antiperspirant for your feet. Perspirex antiperspirant for hands and feet helps reduce hand and foot sweat. You can buy the product in Matas or at a pharmacy. See and read more about our antiperspirants here. 

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