Why do you sweat and what can you do about excessive sweating?

If you play sports or are physically active in any other way, you must also expect to sweat. It is the body’s way of cooling itself, since sweat evaporates when it leaves the body.

If you are in good shape, and you generally exercise a lot, you will find that your sweat production increases proportionally. Your sweat glands develop and become better able to produce sweat when your body needs to be cooled. So, generally speaking, the more you exercise, the more you will also sweat. And men sweat more than women*. Of course you can’t lump everyone together, but this is the general picture.

More sweat production than usual

There are a lot of people who suffer from excessive sweating. This can be a big obstacle for them, since it can simply be a stumbling block in social contexts.

But otherwise, sweat is a necessary evil if the body is to function optimally, and that is quite natural. Excessive sweat must be viewed in isolation. For example, if you are playing soccer for 90 minutes, there may of course be a lot of sweat. However, some people sweat in the same way when sitting at work at a computer. And that’s a problem.

Antiperspirant combats excessive sweating

If you suffer from excessive sweating, you can easily get rid of your problem. It is quite common, but that doesn’t mean that it is pleasant or should be ignored. If it is truly something that is a nuisance to you, then you can get a solid antiperspirant in roll-on form for the armpits or a lotion for hands and feet.

Lots of men and women all over the world, who suffer from excessive sweating, use antiperspirants. Antiperspirants inhibit sweat production, so you will feel fresher and better-groomed for longer at a time.

If you want a product that can protect you and keep you dry for many hours, then a Perspirex antiperspirant is just the thing. It is just as easy to apply as a deodorant, spray or stick, and you will quickly enjoy the clean feeling you get from using a really good, high-quality antiperspirant.

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